Go Make A Difference in Tanzania (Go MAD) is a small independent Christian charity headed up by experienced leaders, some of whom have led groups to Tanzania for 23 years.

We offer people the chance to visit Tanzania and get involved in community development projects that really make a difference to people’s lives.


All our volunteers are changed in a positive way by their experience.


We offer trips throughout the year from 1 week to 6 months. We are very flexible. We also offer church and school groups the chance to travel together. We run family trips.

Although Go MAD in Tanzania has a Christian ethos and works closely with The Anglican Church, you do not need to be a Christian to travel with us on one of our adventures.  We have a short morning devotion and feedback in the evening around the dinner table with a closing prayer.  We do however have rules on behaviour such as no alcohol, or new romantic relationships.


Ages of the volunteers vary from young children in family groups to people in their seventies.


All our projects are practical ranging from building through teaching to medical assistance. Training is given to the volunteers to enable them to be completely competent in these activities.


We are well organised, resourced and established in our area of operations. We are well known in the villages we work in. One of the unique features of Go MAD is that the founders of the charity have invested heavily in building a lodge for volunteers to stay in which is close to Lake Victoria in a beautiful area called Bweri. It is purpose built for volunteers, enabling them to relax in the evening in an environment which is similar to home. The food is cooked by two trained local ladies who provide us with dishes such as chicken pie, spaghetti bolognase, lasagna etc.


The feedback we get from all of our teams is that they loved being part of a close team, and that they quickly established friendships with local villagers. They found the practical projects we undertake very rewarding to be a part of and felt that they were building on the success of other teams.

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