Marsabit is a town in Northern Kenya. It is located in the Eastern Province and is surrounded by the beautiful Marsabit National Park and Reserve. The town of Marsabit is situated in a green hilly area in the vast semi desert of northern Kenya, with a population of about 5,000.


The projects of this mission trip will be based in two separate locations. One will take place around Marsabit town, which is 500 kms north of Nairobi and 200 kms south of the Ethiopian border. The second project will operate in Laisamis, which is located 100 kms south of Marsabit.

What We Do


The primary purpose of this mission trip is to assist the Anglican Diocese of Marsabit in Northern Kenya. Geographically, it is a large Diocese, about the size of England, stretching from Isolo, north of Mount Kenya to the Ethiopian border. The tribes include the Borana, Gabbra, Burje, Samburu, Turkana and Rendille. Christianity is currently the minority (5%), but this is increasing. The Diocese runs a large number of practical projects; such as assisting local schools, income generating initiatives and feeding programmes during times of drought.


The main purpose of the trip is to finish the work we stated in April 2016. We started building a water collection system in the desert around Bubisa. We need volunteers who can help organise our work, i.e. order materials, keep a record of expenditure etc. The practical work is a range of things from helping tie re-inforcing bars together, mixing concrete, joining pipes together, reconnecting gutters etc.

We will be involved in different projects. Our aim is to:

  • Build another school classroom next to the one we built last year.
  • Build another water tank there and possible new toilets.
  • Get involved in the women’s menstrual health program again and will continue to develop this.
  • There could also be the opportunity for kids work and running a Sunday school program.


There is also the opportunity to go hiking for 3 days in Namunyak. This will cost an extra £400.

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