In 1994 Graham McClure, founder of Go MAD, helped design and build a Cathedral for the Anglican Diocese of Mara, in the city Musoma with his Church St John’s Church, Blackheath. From this work Graham felt driven to help the people of Mara and ‘Go Make A Difference in Tanzania’ was born.


Tanzania is situated on the equator in East Africa, divided roughly in to two regions. The coastal region is predominantly Muslim and the inland or highland region which is predominantly Christian. Traditional beliefs are still strong and are often mixed with Christian beliefs. Go MAD works within remote and rural villages surrounding the town of Musoma in the region of Mara (stretching from Lake Victoria to the Serengeti).


Go MAD work alongside the Anglican Diocese of Mara, helping local small-holder farmers, people living with HIV and AIDS, orphans, pastors and their congregations. We help people of all or no faith.

What We Do


One of the unique things about Go MAD is that there is a wide variety projects to get involved in. You can get involved in as many or as few as you want to. One thing is for certain you will have a great time, working closely with your team and the local people and make life long friends. You could get involved in all or some of the following:


  • Water tanks bringing free, safe and clean rain water to families and communities
  • Latrines to improve the hygiene for locals and prevent the spread of disease in the village.
  • Low cost houses for widows, orphans and the very poor.
  • Goat sheds for our farmers co operative.
  • Teach in local schools, in our After School Club which helps kids catch up on the rest of the class, in Sunday School and in in our girls and boys groups.
  • Teach health education in the villages and menstrual health lessons to girls and women.
  • Encourage and equip the farmers in the Co-operative we helped them form to improve their crops and breed high yield dairy goats.
  • Help in Rehema a craft and coffee shop that employs women who were in extreme poverty.
  • Enable sick children and adults to get the medicine and care they need to get better.

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