Here are some comments from previous Go MAD volunteers:


A 22-year old who was part of our 3 month April 2016 trip to Musoma


Going on a Team to Tanzania with Go MAD is a fantastic opportunity that I would recommend to anyone. It’s an opportunity to challenge your own perceptions and attitudes. It’s an opportunity to develop new skills in leadership, team work, finance and

practical building projects. It’s a place where you will make friends for the rest of your life, but most of all it’s a place where God will challenge you and your faith will grow. If you come to Musoma, Tanzania with Go MAD you won’t want to leave!



A lawyer who was on a sabbatical year took part in our January 2015 team


Tanzania now has a big place in my heart! It’s filled with so many amazing people who have become lifelong friends. My trip was so much fun with lots of smiles and laughter, numerous sunrises, sunsets and magical thunderstorms. The children had lots of energy and were easily pleased by the gift of time and silly games. The people and communities were extremely welcoming, friendly and grateful. My adventure with Go MAD was a life-changing experience and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. If you want to serve and have a good time with lots of fun and adventure, you can do it in Tanzania. You will be making a difference and I guarantee you won’t come back unchanged.



Parent from our 2-week Family trip to Musoma, August 2016


Our trip to Tanzania was better than fantastic; it was awesome and we can’t wait to go again! We were able to do such a wide varieties of things from building a water tank, pit latrine and goat shed to helping in the orphanage and showing the children some love, care and attention. We have some memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives and we saw God at work in a way we never will see here. It has changed us. We think the projects that Go MAD complete are fantastic and life changing. Our children loved all the different elements of the trip too - there was something for everyone!

We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our holiday with other families as well as the Go MAD team. We had the opportunity to go on safari in the Serengeti midway through our trip and at the end of our trip we had a relaxing holiday in another part of Tanzania which Go MAD helped us organise.



18-year old from our 3-month trip to Musoma, January 2017


Going on a Go MAD trip to Tanzania is a fun, encouraging, adventurous and challenging way to spend some time abroad. Musoma is a beautiful place, situated right by Lake Victoria. You will be part of a big team living and working together in the local communities. You get to live with likeminded Christians, having fun, worshipping and praying together, and studying the bible.


While here we have become teachers, builders, farmers and nurses. There is a huge variety of projects we have been involved in: Sunday school, youth groups, bible studies, teaching in school, playing games with kids, building water tanks, goat sheds, houses, churches and toilet blocks, school malaria testing days, supporting individual health cases, helping at the market garden and much more.

One of the highlights of a Go MAD trip is building relationships with the locals. As a team we have been able to see first-hand the needs of a third world country. The things you glaze over when you hear about them actually hit home and inspire you to want to make a difference. We have seen the hunger, the dirty water sources, the poor living conditions, and the lack of education of many in the villages. This trip allows you to come alongside the local people you meet and make an impact on their lives.

We have loved this fantastic opportunity to make a difference where it is needed the most. We have been rewarded by serving the people that God loves, and thoroughly encourage you to experience this too. God has moved and changed us, more than we could have imagined, and know He will do the same for you.



18-year old from our 3-month trip to Musoma, January 2017


It seems somewhat of a cliché to tell you my gap year changed my life. In fact, it wasn’t really my ‘gap year’, as such, it was more the 3 months I spent in Musoma with Go MAD. 3 months of challenges ranging from sawing in a straight line to Bible Studies at girls group. It was in Musoma that God chose to challenge me on a level I never expected. He took my control freak, perfectionist, over-achieving tendencies and reminded me that I needed Him more than I had ever before realised. He showed me that He could not only give me the patience to learn how to hammer nails in straight, but He could also make the impossible possible. He showed me that He, and only He, could raise £1000 for a water tank for a poverty-stricken village in less than 24 hours when we’d expected it to take at least 2 weeks. He showed me that He still heals the sick, mends the broken hearts, and sets the captives free, even today. So, the person I met on my gap year who challenged me the most? It was someone who I thought I knew, someone who I thought I understood, and someone who, nowadays, never ceases to amaze me with His power, love, grace and generosity. The person I met on my gap year who challenged me the most? That person would be God.



18-year old from our 3-month trip to Musoma, April 2016


Since arriving in Musoma 3 weeks ago we have already become half Tanzanian and our Swahili is developing slowly but surely. We have joined the community of Songabele and helping to build a Church. Go MAD really helped us to prepare for a such a different way of life. I am having the most incredible time - so far it’s been the best 3 weeks of my life!

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